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Emwas: Restoring Memories

September 24
Starting at 2:30 PM

52 mins
Dima Abu Ghoush
Drama (Arab World Perspective)
2016 - Palestine

Toronto Premiere

Screening with Looted and Hidden

Emwas is a personal film that follows the journey of the director, Dima Abu Ghoush, as she rebuilds her demolished hometown from the memories of its people.
Dima has been listening to stories of her hometown for years, but she only knows it as a ruined village that was razed by the Israeli army in 1967. No construction remained except for the Nicopolis Church, the Latrun Monastery, and some ruins. The village has been turned into a public park, called “Canada Park”, as an acknowledgement of the Canadian Jewish National Fund that donated money to plant trees there and make the park. With the help of family and friends, Dima decides to make a model of her hometown, Emwas, as it used to be before it was demolished.

Q&A with director to follow. Moderated by May El Abdallah, Arab Canadian Lawyers Association