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Closing Night: Gaza

September 22
Starting at: 7:15 PM


92 mins
Garry Keane, Andrew McConnell
2019 - Ireland, Palestine

Frequently labeled as the world’s largest open-air prison, Gaza, a small coastal strip with 2 million inhabitants, has been reduced to an image of violence, chaos and destruction by media outlets. This highly acclaimed documentary is a beautifully shot portrait of this misunderstood place and its resilient people. The harsh realities are not overlooked, but the film uses its exceptional cinematography to immerse the audience into battered neighbourhoods and landscapes and introduce us to a diverse group of eloquent residents all striving to lead meaningful lives under siege. A taxi driver, an aspiring fisher, a young cellist, a rapper, to name a few, share unfamiliar stories, to most, and provide a nuanced understanding of what life is like for Palestinians in Gaza.

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