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In the Last Days of the City

September 24
Starting at 12:00 PM

118 mins
Tamer El Said
Drama (Arab World Perspective)
2016 - Egypt, Germany, UK, UAE

Toronto Premiere

TPFF Arab World Perspective presents a poetic film about pre-revolution Cairo. Downtown Cairo, 2009. In the fading grandeur of downtown Cairo, Khalid, a 35-year-old filmmaker is struggling to find a new apartment while trying to make a film that captures the pulse of his city at a moment when all around him dreams as well as buildings are disintegrating. Complicating things his mother is in hospital and his girlfriend makes plans to leave Egypt. With the help of his friends who send him footage from their lives in Beirut, Baghdad and Berlin, he finds the strength to keep going through the difficulty and beauty of living In the Last Days of the City.