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Tuesday By the Sea

September 21
Starting at: 2:45 PM

8 mins
Shourideh Molavi, Josh Begley
Short Experimental
2019 - Palestine, USA

Screens with: TUESDAY BY THE SEA

The border demarcates the inside and outside. Conceptually two-dimensional and two-sided, but without a clear beginning and end, the border creates a length and not a width. Often with a distinct sovereign on each side, the space of the border itself is a kind of terra nullius. It is a 'zone of indistinction' that may be shared by multiple limited powers but is not ruled by any single power. Using the border as an analytical lens, Begley and Molavi document how the colonial is practiced and imposed in the United States and Palestine. Oscillating between the border at sea in Tijuana and Beit Lahiya, each a point in a separate continuum, they juxtapose the interlocking political systems of exclusion and violence that give shape to the two landscapes. By placing these distinct cases in critical conversation, Begley and Molavi aim to outline the ways in which colonial borders are today mobilized for the organization of life and death.

North American Premiere